Various Bra Types

1. Adhesive Bra
As the name suggests, this type of bra adheres to the breasts. It is strapless and features no bands. This means, however, that it provides little support to the breasts.

2. Convertible Bra
This kind of lingerie features straps that can be detached and rearranged in various ways, thereby suiting your outfit. This type of bra is also available with beaded and clear plastic straps, providing both support and style.

3. Full Support Bra
This kind of bra is designed to render great support for the entire breasts and can be worn under regular clothes. This bra also works well for women with a larger bosom.

4. Multi-way Bra
If you want a versatile bra to wear in different ways - halter-style, cross-back, one shoulder, strapless -then multi-way bras are a great option. It`s good to have one of these in your drawer. This type of bra works well for all breast shapes under E.

5. Minimizer Bra
This bra is specifically designed to play down the bust and is ideal for women with a 34C-cup and above. The minimizer bra is cut like a full-cup bra, but compresses and minimizes the breasts by redistributing breast tissue. It creates the impression of a cup size smaller than your actual one.

6. Padded Bra
This bra contains padding inside its lining. This means that it enables you to have a fuller shape, even if you have small breasts. The padded bra is mainly worn to enhance your figure and give you a more feminine silhouette. It also conceals stiff nipples.

7. Pushup Bra
The pushup bra lifts the breasts and enhances the cleavage. The most popular pushup bra is the Wonder-bra. Most pushup brassieres feature padding, made of rubber or foam. Some even contain gel-filled pads. The difference between the padded type and the pushup-type is that the former has padding under each breast. The latter has padding outside the center to push the breasts inwards.

8. Balconette Bra
The balconette is designed to reveal the top half of the breasts. It features a band at the bottom that pushes the breasts up, instead of towards the center. The balconette is a sexy, elegant and supportive option for women with medium-sized breasts.

9. Strapless Bras
Strapless bras are designed to wear with strapless dresses or shirts. They provide lift without the use of straps. Instead, strapless bras use silicone or underwire that basically clamps to your skin to provide support and lift. Women with all breast sizes can benefit from the joys of wearing a strapless bra.